Sikander Bakht

Bakht was a prominent Indian politician from the Bharatia Janata Party. He was one of the best known Muslim faces in Bharatiya Janata party. Bakht was a dedicated freedom fighter who vigorously participated in Indian freedom Movement. He was a governor of Kerala. As a member of Bharatia janata party, Sikander Bakht’s main aim was to bring Indian Muslims into the “National Mainstream’. He was a member of the Municipal cooperation of Delhi. Bakht was also an active member of nascent janata in the year 1977. He was one of the congress leaders. Bakht was a clerk in the supply department, Government of India. Sikander was one of the commanders of Muslim League National Guards.

Early life of Sikander Bakht

Bakht was born on 24th August 1918 in kartarpur Mohalla of Delhi. Bakht was born to a Muslim Tobacco seller by prostitute. He completed his graduation in Bachelor of Science from Zakir Husain College in Delhi. Sikander Bakht was a great hockey player when he was in school and college. Delhi University represented Bakht in various tournaments. Bakht was a person of considerable actions. He also played for the independence hockey club. Very soon he became the captain of Independence Hockey club.

Political life of Sikander

Bakht was an active member of Bhartiya Janata party. In the year 1968, he was appointed as the chairman of Delhi Electric supply undertakings. He was elected as the member of municipal cooperation of Delhi. Sikandere Bakht disapproved the ways of Indira Gandhi in all his political activities. On the other hand, he was extremely close to Moraji Desai. Moraji Desai was appointed as a prime minister. Moraji desai appointed bakht as the cabinet minister for housing works. When the new Bharathiya janatha party was emerged in the year 1980, Bakht chose to follow Attal Bihari Vajpayee. He was one of the leaders of Congress. When the congress got splitted in the year 1969, bakht stayed in congress. In 1980, Bakht joined Bharatiya Janata Party as a General Secretary. Bakht was elected as a congress He was well known as the first Muslim leader in the Lokh Sabha under the Bharatiya Janatha party. In the year 1990, he was elected to Rajya Sabha. In 1992, Bakht became the leader of opposition in Rajya sabha. Bakht was a foreign minister only for few weeks. He was compelled to resign the job as foreign minister when the Vajpayee’s Government collapsed in the year 1996. Finally he was elected as a governor of Kerala in the year 2002.

Honors of Sikander

In the year 2000, He was honored with padma Vibushan Award for his social service and dedication to political works. Sikander bakht was the second person who got the second highest Indian civilian award. Other than bakht, Atal Bihar Vajpayee was the first person who was awarded with Padma Vibushan award.


At the age of 83, Bakht become the oldest Governor of Kerala. He served the people as governor of Kerala till his death. He was undergone an intestinal surgery which was performed on 19th February 2004. Sikander bakht died on 23rd February 2004 due the failure of complicated intestinal surgery.