Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Bankim Chandra ChatterjeeChandra chatterjee is one of the popular Bengali novelist and poet of India. He was famous as an author of the novel Vande matharam, the national song of India. All his novels contain the thrilling information about freedom struggle. Bankim Chandra chatterjee wrote the novel about the entire civilization especially about his native religion Bengal. His novels and poems admire the readers from the bottom of heart. Chandra chatterjee inspires all the freedom fighter with his novels. He was ravenous reader who is especially interested in Sanskrit literature.

Personal life of Bankim Chandra chatterjee

He was born in the village Kantalapara of Bengal on june 27th 1838. He belongs to the family of brahimins. Bankim Chandra chatterjee’s father was Yadav Chandra chattopadhyaya who rendered his service to government as an employee. As soon as Chandra chatterjee was born his father was posted to midnapur as a collector. Chandra chatterjee’s mother was pious who is a house wife. He started his education in midnapur collegiate school. He was a brilliant boy. He has learnt the entire alphabet within one day. Bankim’s talent was the talk of the town for long time. After completing his school level of education, he joined Mohsin College at Hooghly. He studied there for six years. All the teachers of that college were admired with the intelligence of bankim. He passed BA and BL examination in first class easily and won many prizes for his studies. He came out as an outstanding student of the college.

Literary history of bankim

After completing his law degree successfully, he got appointments as a deputy magistrate and deputy collector. Bankim Chandra chatterjee got married when he was in eleven years old. His first wife died in 1859. He remarried rajlakshmi devi in 1960. He began his literary career in the year 1850. He started writing numerous novels and poems. He decided to write in English. He wrote the novel called Rammohan’s wife. That novel gave complete satisfaction to bankim. He realized that his work was more powerful and natural in his own mother tongue. Some of the major novels which he wrote were Chandrasekhar, Kishna kantha’s will, Indira, kamal kantha and anandamath. His first Bengali novel with the name Durgeshnandhi was published in the year 1865 in Indian literature. He wrote ample of popular novel, poems and songs which highly impressed the respondents. Soon he became a notable novelist and poet of India. He was known as the literary king of Bengal

Chandra chatterjee as a inspirational figure

He got huge success and prestigious name for the famous song vande matharam. After that writing that song, bankim Chandra chattterjee’s novels were marked and noted for high literary merit. He wrote the novel Anandmath in the year 1882 which contains his revolutionary idea against British. His books and poems offered a great inspiration to the people in India. Bankim has a significant place as a nationalist writer and novelist in Indian literature.


It was bankim who made us to know the national song vande matharam. Bankim Chandra chatterjee passed away in 1894 at the age of 56.