Fakhruddin ali ahmed

Fakhruddin ali ahmedAli ahmed is one of the great sons of India and Assam. He is a great political leader and lawyer who contributed to the political landscape of India. Fakhruddin ali ahmed was the great inspiration of every Indian citizen. He is a legend who had made invaluable contribution toward the Indian independence movement. He offered hearty service to India by occupying the position of president of India. Before occupying the position of president, he offered many self-sacrificing services and ethical values the people and the nation. Ali ahmed grew up to lead the nation with his love, affection and determination towards the people and nation. He was under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. This prominent leader made him lead the nation.

Early life of fakhruddin ali ahmed

Ali ahmed was born on 13th may 1905 at Hauz Quazi area of old Delhi. His father was Zalnur ali who married the daughter of Nawab of lohari in Delhi. Fakhruddin ali ahmed started his education in Bonda government high school in Uttar Pradesh. After finishing his matriculation level of education, he went to England to do his higher studies. In 1923, ali ahmed joined the Catherine college of Cambridge university. He began his legal practice in Lahore court in the year 1928. Very soon he became a powerful lawyer. He got married with begum abida saheba on 9th November 1945.

Political activities of ali ahmed

He met Jawaharlal Nehru in 1925 when he stayed in England. Ali ahmed shared all his idea about the nation, people and the political activities. Jawaharlal Nehru was highly impressed with the progressive ideas which is shared by ali ahmed. Jawaharlal Nehru recommended ali ahmed to join the Indian national congress. After joining the Indian national congress Fakhruddin Ali ahmed actively participated for the Indian freedom struggle. Ali ahmed belong to Muslim family. He was compelled to join Muslim political party. But he regretted to do it so. He was arrested and imprisoned for offering Satyagraha.

Status as a president of India

After joining the Indian national congress, ali ahmed offered more contribution for the Indian freedom. As soon as India got independence, Fakhruddin ali ahmed was elected to Rajya Sabah in the year 1952. He fought from congress to the Assam assembly and later on elected for Lokh Sabah. Finally he decided to be with India Gandhi due to the deep affection with Nehru and his family. Ali ahmed was picked as a president of India by the prime minister Indira Gandhi. He became the president of India on 29th august 1974. He offered valuable contribution to Indian nation after becoming the president of India.

Honors and Death of Ali ahmed

Ali ahmed is a multi talented personality who was interested in different fields like sports, legal advising and political activities. Ali ahmed was a tennis player and golfer. He was elected as a president in football and cricket association of Assam. He became the vice president of sports council of Assam. Fakhruddin ali ahmed was unable to complete his five year service as a president of India. He was suffered from severe heart attack and died on 11th February, 1977.