Ambikagiri Raichoudhury

Ambikagiri RaichoudhuryIn the freedom fighter as there are many people who played an important role in the independence movement. There is one important name of Ambikagiri Raichouddhury who also has participated in the independence movement and was also imprisoned by the British government for being an active part. With his involvement in the movement he also was known for writing poems and playwright.

His words were so powerful that Britisher’s even banned his Bandini Bharat and Shatadhar. He even has his poems which is been published in English and is a great collection of very patriotic and motivating poems. He published his points of views and tried to catch the imagination of the country’s youth.

Family Life

Ambikagiri Raichoudhury was born in the year 1885. He was born in the area of barpeta which is in western Assam. Being born to Krishnaram Raichoudhury who was his father and Devaki Devi who was his mother his poetic talents made him to be considered as the well known Assamese poet and nationalist.

Work and Contribution

The Assam Preservation Council and Assam National Congress was been founded by him. Due to his nationalist character he is also been known as the “Assam Kesari” which means the lion of Assam. In the year 1950 he was made the president of Assam Sahitya Sabha.

He has written various poems and playwright which are Aahuti, Tumi, Onubhuti, Joydroth Bodh, Bedonaar Ulkaa and Binaa. In his career he worked as an editor for two wellknown Asamese magazines which were Dekaa Oxom and Setonaa.

Ambikagiri Raichouddhury has written articles against the British rule and his articles were very powerful as he had great command on his writings which made the Britisher’s arrest him and put him in jail. He has contributed his work and written many articles in journals of Assam like Chetona, Jayanti, Deka Asom, Awahon etc where he openly criticised the Britisher’s.

In the year 1963 he wrote a poem which has wordings ‘hey bhagavan’ in which he has made a strong appeal to the god to end the world which has the generation of brave artist as he finds that the artist only has immorality to work.


Ambikagiri Raichoudhury won the Sahitya Akademi award in the year 1965. Today also the Assam Sahitya Sabha presents Ambikagiri Raichoudhury Award which is done in his memory and being named after him.

Lost in fire

When Ambikagiri Raychoudhury was in jail as he was been arrested for writing against the British rule his house was been put on fire by some anti social people and that’s how very precious Assamese literature was been lost in ashes. His many creations were lost that time which were a valuable source of literature.

He was the person who has contributed a lot in the Indian movement through his powerful words and courageous articles. He was a nationalist, a revolutionary who wanted to bring a change among Indians by encouraging and motivating them. He will surely is of great importance in history.