Prafulla Chaki

Prafulla ChakiPrafulla Chaki was a young revolutionary, who played a crucial role in the organization of activities, which opposed the British rule in India. He worked as a member of Jugantar (an anti-British rule group) and inspired many Bengali youngsters to join the Indian freedom struggle.

Birth and initial years

Prafulla Chaki was born on December 10, 1888 in Bogra district in a middle class family. His father was Rajnarayan, who worked for the Bogra nawab. His mother was Swarnamoyee. While still in his infancy, Prafulla lost his father and was raised by his mother. Even as a child, he showed interest in revolutionary activities. He was an active member of the Bandhab Samiti, which organized cultural activities. While in school, he participated in a demonstration, which was against Carlisle Circular. Consequently, he was expelled from there. He soon joined another school named Rangpur National School. At this school, he became friends with youngsters like Jitendranarayan Roy, and Ishan Chandra Chakravarti. These activists opposed British rule and were keen on working towards overthrowing it. During his studentship in this school, he met with Birendra Kumar Ghosh, who was an active anti-British revolutionary and one of the founding fathers of the group named Jugantar. Birendra was impressed with this young man’s eagerness to work as a revolutionary and took him along to Calcutta.

Activities as a revolutionary

His promising personality soon earned him the first task as the member of the Jugantar group. He was to murder Sir Fuller. As per information, Fuller was going to Darjeeling. Birendra devised a plan according to which the assassination was to take place while Fuller’s stay in Darjeeling. Nevertheless, Fuller changed his plan and the plan to kill him did not happen. The next task was planned in 1908, which involved murdering the Muzzaffarpur magistrate called Kingsford. He was infamous for passing harsh judgments against the freedom fighters. On April 30, Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki took positions for bombing the carriage, which would be carrying Kingsford. However, due to wrong information, they bombed another carriage, which had been carrying two English women. Right after the bombing, Prafulla Chaki made a quick escape and went to Samastipur railway station. There, he changed his appearance and with the help of railway worker, he arranged for a train ticket. Unfortunately, at the station, a police officer recognized him and he was chased.

Death and Martyrdom

Prafulla Chaki resorted to taking his life on May 1 1908 when he was close to being caught by the Police at the station. He shot himself in the head and died on the spot, as being held as a prisoner of the British Government was beneath him. After his death, the Police could not establish his identity for sure, since he was popularly known as Dinesh Ray. Hence, his head was cut off and sent to Calcutta so that it could be identified. Khudiram, who had already been caught by the Police, confirmed the identity of the great martyr.

Chaki’s death was received with tears and anger from the revolutionaries of Bengal. They became even more determined to free India from the rule of the British government.