Kazi Nazrul Islam

Kazi Nazrul IslamNazrul was a national poet of Bangladesh who pioneered the poetic works with the intension of spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression. Kazi Nazrul Islam was a poet and musician who started revolutionizing the different style of Bengali music and literature. The poetry of Nazrul includes vibrant rhythms and iconoclastic themes which created a striking contrast to the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore. He used the different subjects and vocabulary which is never used in any Bengali poetry before. Nazrul was one of the colorful personalities in Bengal. He was a multitalented personality who is versatile as a poet, musician, lyricist and writer. Nazrul is great poet who fought against communalism, imperialism, fundamentalism and exploitation of British government. He earned the prestigious name of “rebel poet” for the brave confrontation towards all the repressions.

Early life of kazi nazrul islam

Nazrul was born 24th may 1899 in the village of churulia in the burdwan district of Bengal. He belongs to a powerful Muslim Taluqdar family. Kazi nazrul islam was the second among the three son and a daughter. Nazrul’s father was an imam and care taker of local mosque whose name is Kazi Faqeer Ahmed. His mother was Zahida Khatun. He had two brothers whose names are Kazi Saahibjaan and Kazi Ali Hussain. Nazrul sister was umme kulsum. Nazrul father was so poor. His father died when he was nine years old. After his father’s death, nazrul began working as a caretaker in the place of his father to support his family. Soon after he worked as a teacher in the village of maktab and finally joined a leto group who is a musical troupe. He soon became the poet of the group and started his poetry and composing of music from that troup. He got married with Nargis Begam of Comillia when he was in early 20s.

Literary activities

At the time of First World War in 1977, nazrul joined in the Bengal regiment of the British Indian army. Kazi nazrul islam was stayed in army for two and half years. He started his work as an ordinary soldier and later turned into a havildar. Nazrul began doing lots of literary activities when he was posted in karatchi cantontment. He practiced his favorite music with other soldiers who love music. Simultaneously he focused more on other literary activities like prose and poetry which are published in various literary magazines.

Nazrul after becoming Rebel poet

Nazrul continued his literary work of poetry staying in army. He started publishing his poetry in weekly magazine. His first poem “Dhumketu” was published on 12th august 1922. Later on nazrul became a national poet of Bangladesh. He was rewarded with a name of “rebel poet” who was famous for revolutionary poems in Bengali.

Awards earned by Nazrul

Nazrul was awarded with Jagattarini gold medal in the year 1945 by the University of Calcutta for his extraordinary work in Bengali literature. Kazi nazrul islam got the padma bhushan award in 1960. He was honoured with the title of national poet and Ekushey padak by the government of Bangladesh. Nazrul died on 29th august 1976 due to long illness.