Motilal Nehru

Motilal NehruMotilal was a lawyer, freedom fighter and activist. He was a great political leader who belongs to Indian national congress. Motilal Nehru served as a president of congress for two years between 1919-1920 and 1928-1929. He was also the founder of the famous political party. It was well known to everyone that Nehru’s family was the first political family in this world. Motilal was best known as our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru’s father. Motilal was a prosperous Brahmin lawyer, who shunned politics until 1907 when he presided over a conference on Indian Independence. The 1919 Amritsar Massacre compelled Motilal to join Mahatama Gandhi’s Non cooperation movement and cofound the swaraj Party.

Family and early life of Motilal Nehru

He was born on 6th May 1861 in Agra. Motilal’s father name was Gangadhar Nehru and his mother name was Jeevarani. His father passed away three months before his birth. His ancestors hail from Delhi. Motilal Nehru had two elder brothers whose names were Bansidhar Nehru and Nandlal Nehru. In the upheaval of 1857, the entire assets of his family were lost and later Nandlal Nehru supported the family. Motilal’s childhood were spent in khetr at jaipur. The family of Motilal was shifted to Allahabad. He passed his matriculation examination from Kanpur. He passed the lawyer examination in the year 1883 and began practicing as a lawyer in Kanpur. His brother Nandalal died. Finally Motilal supported the whole family including the seven children of his elder brother.

Motilal as a lawyer

His examination of B.A degree was not successful. Motilal decided to choose law profession. He studied hard and got good result in his law examination. After completing his lawyer examination successfully in the year 1833, Motilal Nehru started his career from the bottom as apprentices under a senior advocate whose name was Prithvi Nath. In three years motilal began working as a lawyer with his brother. His intelligence, perseverance and personality uplifted him completely. Very soon he became the most sought after attorneys in the court halls. When he was in his forties, N.D. Ojha was the advocate who worked with motilal. N.D.Ojha told that motilal had a strong common sense which is very essential for a perfect lawyer. Motilal was a good debater and had a gift of persuasive advocacy.

Motilal’s contribution to Indian freedom movement

In the beginning, Motilal refused to join in politics. He was not interest to fight against the British to gain freedom. But later on the 1919 Amritsar massacre compelled Motilal Nehru to join the politics when he headed the conference of Indian national congress. Very soon he became the leader of Indian National congress. Motilal joined the “struggle” under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. As a member of Non cooperation movement, He actively took part in the Salt Satyagrah and become the cofounder of “Swaraj Party”.

Death of Motilal

Motilal brought his high educated son Jawaharlal Nehru into politics in the year 1916. Motilal vigorously participated in the freedom struggle, along with Son and Gandhi. Motilal Nehru was arrested during civil Disobedience movement. Due to ailments, he was released from the jail. He died on 6th February 1931 at the age of 69.