A k Fazlul Haq

Introduction of A K Fazlul Haq

A k Fazlul HaqA. K. Fazlul Huq was a national leader, public leader and holder of the many high political posts as well as those of the city manager of metropolis (1935), Chief Minister of undivided country (1937-1943) and East country (1954), Home Minister of Asian nation (1955) and Governor of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (1956-58).


After the standard Islamic education in Arabic and Persian language, A. K. Fazlul Huq passed the doorway Examination in 1890 from the Barisal Zilla faculty, the solfa syllable Exam and the Bachelor of art Exam in 1894 from Presidency school, and obtained the MA degree in arithmetic in 1896 from the University of Calcutta.

Introduction to politics

In 1906 A. K. Fazlul Huq entered government service as a Deputy jurist. He took half of life in creating the All India Muslim league at national capital on thirty December 1906. From 1908 to 1912 A. K. Fazlul Huq was the Assistant Registrar of Co-operatives. He resigned from public service and participated actively in the struggle for public life and law. Being suggested by Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee he joined the court and commenced legal observation.

In the guidance of Sir Khwaja salimullah and Governor Ali Chowdhury, he got initiation in politics. With their help, he entered the general assembly in 1913 as a appointive member from the Dacca division by defeating his powerful rival Rai Bahadur. Since then he had been related to the national law-makers until 1947, apart from 2 years (1934-1936) once he was a member of the Central legislature.


In 1920 Huq brought out a daily newspaper with Kazi Nazrul and Muzaffar Ahmad. The deposit of this paper was condemned many times as a result, of its anti-government policy. So, he couldn’t run this daily for a extended amount. He devoted his time to the reason behind Muslim education and has become a number one figure of the Muslim academic Conference. In 1924,

A k Fazlul Haq became the Education Minister for concerning six months underneath the political system in the country. As Education Minister, he had undertaken many measures to form educational infrastructure within the country. He assisted the meritorious Muslim students by making the Muslim academic Fund. For conveyance teaching in Persian and Arabic to the Muslim students, he additionally created a separate board for Muslim Education in country.

AK Fazlul Huq’s political strategy was to form the agricultural elite his power base. It was proven by his initiative in institution the Agricultural Association (1917), and one more organization referred to as national praja party (1929). It absolutely was this party that was later reworked into a daily semi-political organization referred to as Nikhil Banga Praja Samiti .

In the elections of 1937, KPP emerged because the third largest party within the legislature, first being the Congress and second being Muslim League, which emerged as a possible figure in national politics. He wished to create a Coalition cupboard with the Congress in the country.

A k Fazlul Haq was comfortable in his personal and public life. Even throughout his lifespan the individuals, regardless of caste and creed, loved him for his generous and charitable disposition.